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FAQ's - General Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of common questions and answers. If you have a question which is not listed, please call us or email us and we will get back to you promptly with an answer.

Question: Where do NMC's commercials and infomercials air?
Answer: While this depends on the type of campaign we are airing, the simple answer is EVERYWHERE. Our campaigns have aired on virtually every network on television today. Since our bottom line depends on your success, it's critical that we find stations and networks that offer quality viewers for your products and services cost effectively. We've literally spent many millions of dollars over our long history to figure out what media best fits your needs. Instead of wasting your money figuring out our winning formula, rely on our experience and expertise.

Question: Is NMC a broker or the actual supplier of leads?
Answer: National Media Connection is the largest direct supplier of live and exclusive television leads in the country. The odds are that if you've purchased TV leads, you've already bought ours. If you purchased them from somewhere else then you've probably paid too much.

Question: Why are NMC’s rates so much less expensive than others?
Answer: With some of the most prolific national advertising campaigns on television, we generate thousands of TV leads every day.

This allows us to offer the absolute lowest rates for our 100% live, 100% exclusive television leads.

At NMC our low rates are based upon:

  • The high volume of commercial airtime NMC purchases
  • Geographic regions
  • Time of exclusivity
  • Return policy
  • Volume of leads purchased

Our research has shown that since we are a full-service DRTV Media Agency, our rates are greatly reduced. This is because we are the actual agency that creates, produces and directs all advertising creatives, as well as media buys. There are NO outside vendor costs so that savings gets passed on to our clients.

As a result of this we are able to offer our customers the lowest prices available at the industry market rates.

With no broker commissions and middleman mark-ups you can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars every week.

Question: How do you determine my cost per lead?
Answer: Rates are predicated on several factors including category, volume and any state filtering. Therefore they are customized for each client.

Question: Are your leads exclusive?
Answer: NMC is the largest direct supplier of 100% live and 100% exclusive television leads in the United States. You never share leads.

Question: How quickly can we start receiving calls?
Answer: Delivery time is predicated on the category as well as existing orders. Often we can have you receiving calls within minutes of placing an order.

Question: What payment methods do you offer?
Answer: NMC accepts all major credit cards, bank wires, money orders and personal checks. Personal checks will require generally a week in which to clear. We do require payment in advance for all orders.

Question: Am I able to determine the hours and days to receive calls?
Answer: You are always in control. You set the parameters with respect to number of leads per day, days of the week and hours to receive leads. And as the direct source, we can adjust those settings within minutes. You are never billed for calls that may come in at times/days that are not on your schedule. . And unlike some companies, we never send leads arbitrarily just to fill an order.

Question: How can I track the campaign results?
Answer: Each client receives independent third party reporting with a unique log in. Features include call recording and campaign analysis reporting so you can evaluate your ROI on a daily basis. Plus you’ll capture the customer's pertinent information for future marketing purposes. And now, with our exclusive and proprietary BOB database, you'll be able to see everything happening for your account within five minutes of real time. So you'll know how many calls are billable, how many calls are left on your order and funds left on your account. We can also build customized reports to fit your exact needs.

Question: Are leads generated exclusively from television?
Answer: Yes, television is almost exclusively the medium that we use to generate leads. If we elect to supplement TV with additional media you will always be notified in advance and have the option to opt out.