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Custom Direct Response

Custom Direct Response

Custom Lead Generation Campaigns

National Media Connection commercials and infomercials air on top national networks and local stations. The prospect calls—you answer the phone. It’s that simple! 

With in-house production studios, state-of-the-art editing suites and full time production specialists, NMC will create a customized campaign for thousands less than other agencies. 

Short-form DRTV benefits with NMC: 

  • In-house production means we can create your message quickly and inexpensively 
  • Leads delivered in real time—independent of a call center 
  • Instant trafficking and quantifiable results 
  • Inexpensive media costs 
  • We buy media that performs well and eliminate media that under-performs 
  • Get immediate customer feedback on your campaign 
  • Capture the customer’s pertinent information for market research or future marketing initiatives 
  • Educate customers by promoting features and benefits 
  • Ideal for new product launches and introductions 
  • Drive traffic to website for cross sell, up sell or other services 

Let National Media Connection create a custom direct response campaign that focuses on the needs of your business.


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